Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2021




Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2021

The Adventure DFI jetboard is specially designed for long-distance cruising, allowing you to take along a fuel canister and a waterproof bag for your belongings. The board is equipped with a powerful innovative 100 cc engine. cm, allowing you to ride on water at a speed of 55 km/h. Control is carried out using a comfortable grip with throttle button and steering cable, which helps the rider to maintain balance while performing maneuvers. Comfortable loops and pads made of special foam are used for setting feet.

Adventure DFI is a combination of stylish design, reliability and maximum comfort. All main body parts are made of durable carbon fiber for lightweight and maneuverable board. The model has a powerful 2-stroke engine with a direct injection injector, allowing the board to pick up speed up to 55 km/h in seconds. Also included is a patented click-fit fins system.


Since 2010, MSR ENGINES has been developing the most advanced motorized surfboard in the world. Tested in the toughest conditions such as big waves, various water surfaces and a series of racing in MotorSurf WorldCup, Jetsurf is coming with the latest digital fuel injection engine that take the world of motor surfing to a whole new perspective.

Silencer: This is a new feature coming to the Jetsurf Adventure 2021 model range. This silencer significantly reduces noise by up to 59 dB and complies with Directive 2013/53/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Tube: Do you want to easily approach Jetsurf? Would you like your children to share the same passion or do you just want to have more buoyancy? If so, Tube will surely be your favorite accessory. The tube that mounts around the board- give greater stability and control. This inflatable accessory will not take up too much space and could easily be attached to all jetsurf models.

Switch system For Shutdown: The “Kill Switch” system shuts down the engine immediately after a magnet on the wrist is disconnected with the Jetsurf handle.

Technical details

Height 15 cm
Length 180 cm
Width 60 cm
Weight 20 kg
Cylinder 1
Power 13 HP
Volume 100
Type Petrol
Max speed 55 km/h
Autonomy 90 min