No boundaries, no limits…

For exhilaration and an incredible feeling of flying, simply head for the water. Leave your worries behind and experience pure freedom and awesome family fun with the Seabob sea scooter.

Seabob offers all-round, reliability and high-performance in a compact, carefully designed and inherently stylish package. Manufactured by Cayago Luxury Yacht Toys in Germany, it has maintained its well-earned position as one of the most popular, must-have yacht toys available.


  • Weight – approximately 35kg
  • Buoyancy in water – approximately 9kg
  • 1152mm length, 543mm width, 372mm height
  • Propulsive force of 745 newtons
  • Depending on conditions can reach up to 22km/h over water and 20km/h under water
  • Average operating time – 70 minutes
  • Standard charging time – 8 hours
  • Quick charging time (using the quick charger accessory at mains voltage 230V) – 1.5 hours
  • Safety cut off by the built-in depth sensor at a water depth of 2.5m
  • Electronic control system can be set to a maximum water depth of 40m
  • Engine power is controlled in 7 power levels
  • Two rear fins for driving stability and manoeuvrability
  • Special Colours; Star White, Platin Silver, Ixon Red and Gold
  • Bright Colours: Lumex Orange and Lumex Yellow
  • Bicolour: Anthracite with Lumex Orange
  • Black Package: Tail, tail ring, display console and display ring in black matt design
  • Black Line Design: Exclusive high-gloss colour option with multiple-layer paint, black painted design surfaces
  • Chrome Package: Tail and display console in chrome matt design. Tail ring and display ring in high-gloss chrome
  • Bespoke exterior design and colours to match your yacht, personal taste or company logo: price on request
  • Quick charger
  • Seabob camera: Two full HD cameras, one camera in the watercraft’s bow and an Action-Selfie-Cam integrated in the information display, Wi Fi technology for transmission of the videos to mobile devices
  • Transport soft bag
  • Wheeled transport cart
  • All-terrain wheeled transport cart
  • Storage rack
  • Scuba diving weight
  • Pilot belt: to reduce arm fatigue when driving with high thrust
  • Seabob dust cover
  • Seabob inflatable wet dock